a film by geo geller
play by Dzieci - Matt Mitler - play director
wicked work in progress


MakBet (Macbeth)
Dzieci's chamber version of Macbeth
a haunting voyage into a nightmare - geo geller
mixture of movement/theater/folk songs and chants
where each member of ensemble has learned all of the lines
nobody knows who, what, when they will be playing a character

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"the charm's wound up"


a wicked work in progress

Dzieci's chamber version of Macbeth http://dziecitheatre.org
Dzieci Makbet
Matt Mitler
Megan Bones Yvonne Brecht, Andrew Eldredge, Heidi-Marie Ferren
Jesse Hathaway, Juliana Huestis, Elsa Lam, Matt Mitler
David Rothauser, David Bartlett, Tjasa Ferme, John Norman,
Golan Reinitz, Rebecca Sokoll

For Dzieci's chamber version of Macbeth,
the ensemble has learned all of the lines, 
of every part, through a process of oral transmission. 
In our rehearsals, and in production, we do not know 
who will be playing any given role at any given time.

As presented by a traveling family of Gypsies, 
the hour-long performance creates 
the impression of a ritual or ceremony.

A very dark ceremony.

Employing haunting folk songs and chants 
from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, 
Theatre Group Dzieci explores (and explodes), 
the very essence of theatre and storytelling 
in their one-act rendition of Shakespeare’s classic.