Dear friends and family

Celebrating the life of queen of the wonder woman, my mother, Helen Geller, 99/100 years young. She was full of wonder, life, and surprises always insightful mixed with a delightful feisty childlike sense of playfulness and said, whenever I asked her how old she felt inside... "not yet born yet" left her body behind in her sleep, somewhere around 3:00am EST, Jan 21 2011

My mother was a real artist a true master "who saw living ideas and got excited when she saw fabric, inanimate things as living & full of ideas" a master clothing sample maker, designer in her own right and seamstress she made samples for Oscar De La Rents, Ralph Lauren and many other designer - when a new sample pattern came in they always gave it to Helen, she would show them how and what to sew first and fastest. She loved making things, she loved the invention of life and when my father came home from work and saw her at the sewing machine he knew she was gone and so was dinner - she loved giving away clothes she made for herself, her daughter Andrea and five sisters and her 4 grand-children and 6 great-grand-children too -

Ten years ago when my daughter, Eartha, was visiting my mother, and sitting at the same sewing machine my mother sewed on since the statue of liberty was a baby, and she was teaching her to sew while she was nursing her baby t-rose, and my mother told about how she would sit with me on her lap and sew too and now my daughters baby is ten years old and loves to sew and make things... moral of this story is watch where you sit :-)

My mother, Helen Geller, nee Verakus, born in Warsaw, Poland May 23 1910, was one of six girls born to Abraham Varakus and Gitel (gussie)Silberman. Helen's first marriage to Charles Geller product two children Geo and Andrea and grand-children Manny, Eartha, Suzzette, Dana and six great-grand-children Carter, Emma, T-Rose, Violet-Pearl

In her later life her second marriage was to Sam Bloom, who thought she was 10 years younger then she actually was and Sam brought with him another grandson named Adam who she loved very much

Photos of my mother I have taken over the years as part of a documentary on my mother called "a Documentary on My Mother So Her Great Grand Children Will Know Her" can be seen at

and special trubute to her

Tribute to my mother, Helen Geller, my muse, my friend, my reason for being, left her mark and her body behind Jan 21, 2011 more photos from documentary in progress called "a Documentary on My Mother So Her Great Grand Children Will Know Her"

Arrangements are also in works for an art exhibition working title "AfterLIFE" a fashion show of my mother's art with friends and her children, grand-children, great-grand-children and others and her 3 sisters art works too

If you are so inclined to be moved by my mother please feel free to donate a smile, a hug, or money to somebody, anybody or an organization you have a feeling for and let us know about it too

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and wishes

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Be well

Geo Geller

The art of living is loving